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8750 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 350
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone:    310-652-0010
Fax:          310-360-4812
Q: How can I contact Dr. Wallace office? How do I get there?
A: The address is 8750 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 350, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Fax number is 310-360-4812. Telephone number is 310-652-0010. For directions see below.
  •   10 FWY- exit Robertson head north. We are on South East corner of Wilshire and Robertson in the Bank of America building. Find our parking entrance one block east of Robertson off of Wilshire on Arnaz.
  • 101 FWY- exit Santa Monica head west to La Cienega and turn left. Take La Cienega to 3Rd street and turn Right. Take 3rd street to Robertson and turn left. Take Robertson to Wilshire and turn left. We are on South East corner of Wilshire and Robertson in the Bank of America building. Find our parking entrance one block east of Robertson off of Wilshire on Arnaz.
  • 405 FWY- exit Wilshire head east. We are on South East corner of Wilshire and Robertson in the Bank of America building. Find our parking entrance one block east of Robertson off of Wilshire on Arnaz.

Q: Is Dr. Wallace taking new patients?
A: Although Dr. Wallace has a full practice, he does accept new patients.

Q: What insurance does Dr. Wallace accept and how much does it cost?
A: The office does not participate in any HMO plans, but is a participant in the Medicare, some PPO plans, and some Point of Service (POS) plans pay a percentage. The average new patient consultation fee including all laboratory, imaging, and office evaluations ranges from $450 to $1000. Return visits charges range from $150 to $350.

Q: I have no insurance and am interested in participating in a research study. Can you help me?
A: Dr. Wallace participates in a) observational studies and b) clinical trials with new drugs. Participation in the former usually allows patients discounted therapy, and the latter with free visits for which some patients are compensated.

Q: What if my insurance is a PPO or POS plan that Dr. Wallace does not participate in?
A: Dr. Wallace can obtain your laboratory work and imaging studies from a hospital or facility that works with your plan. In these circumstances, you would probably only be responsible for the consultation fee, which your insurer traditionally reimburses at a 30%-80% rate.
Dr. Wallace also conducts numerous observational studies and clinical trials for which he can provide free care or at a discounted costs.

Q: Does Dr. Wallace do primary care? What if I have a problem after hours that require rheumatology involvement?
A: Dr. Wallace is Board Certified in Internal Medicine but restricts his practice to consultative rheumatology. All new patients and those returning fill out an annual update where they are asked to identify their primary care doctor. In return, Dr. Wallace will send his progress notes and labs to your primary care physician. Dr. Wallace spends 20% of his time doing research and teaching and frequently travels and is not always available 24/7, but does have emergency back- up. Patients with urgent issues that cannot wait are advised to go to the Cedars-Sinai Emergency Room , where rheumatology coverage is always available. If you do not have a primary care physician, our office will be happy to assist patients finding one.

Q: Does Dr. Wallace prescribe medication after hours and on weekends?
A: Our office is not a primary care office. We only refill medications during our business hours. Patients are encouraged to make sure they have an adequate supply of their medications in advance of needing a refill. Dr. Wallace is not certified in Pain Medicine and does not prescribe narcotic analgesics. If your circumstances warrant these medications, our office will be happy to refer you to a pain management specialist who works with us.

Q: I cannot afford Dr. Wallace. How do I get a discount? What about deductibles?
A: Dr. Wallace's rates are the same or less than those of other rheumatologists in the community. In order to spend 20% of his time giving free care for research patients and acting as co-director of the Rheumatology Fellowship program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dr Wallace is not able to give discounted care in the 80% of time he sees patients privately. Cash patients are urged to sign up for the "Covered Wallace" program, where for $1000-$2000 comprehensive annual treatment service packages are available. Unfortunately, we are encountering more patients with excellent insurance that does not kick in until large deductibles are paid. New patients, especially, should be aware that NOBODY covers or discounts deductibles.

Q: What hospitals does Dr. Wallace work at?
A: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, UCLA Medical Center, and Olympia Hospital.

Email Policy
We encourage patients to e-mail us their queries and concerns and conduct much of our day to day business electronically. We do not charge for this service. However, if a patient sends more than 10 emails a month to our office, management reserves the right to charge patients $50.00 per e-mail.